These are "unprecedented times," it's true. We're all basically confined to our homes, so we have far fewer opportunities to dress up and get out of the house than we did a few short (long) weeks ago. (ASSUMING that we are all staying inside except for necessities and work. Do your part.) But we have to get on facetime to have girl's night via videochat at some point, or get on meetings with our co-workers, or maybe we just want a little self-esteem boost when we're not out and about in society as a whole.

I have found THE thing for us. And in the interest of women having each other's backs and sharing what works, here it is. Covergirl has a new foundation called "skin milk." The name totally grabbed me for some reason, and it typically runs around $11, so it felt like a low-risk experiment. You can get it anywhere, and it's the perfect thing for when you just want to do a light dusting of makeup and not a full on face. Or if you're like me and typically go light on makeup anyway, this is a great full-time foundation. Just pair it with a primer underneath for staying power.

I can't handle the feel of heavy makeup on my face all day, and this product really just feels like I've used moisturizer and nothing else. It doesn't feel like it's clogging up my pores, and it doesn't have all the things that we know are bad for us but don't really know why. I'm talking about formaldehyde, phtalates, parabens, talc, and sulfates. Obviously we know why some of those are bad, but for the rest I really just nod along when people talk about the benefits of a product NOT containing them.

And look, we all want to have morals. But you can go broke trying to purchase everything that's good for us AND the animals. So if you're trying to cut back somewhere and looking for a drugstore find that you can feel good about, this works for me. It's vegan and cruelty free!

You can grab it on Amazon (this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase, we may get a portion of the proceeds. It costs you nothing extra.) But you can also get it at any other store that sells Covergirl makeup products. I'm very happy to see an affordable makeup supplier making steps to provide makeup that isn't harmful to animals, isn't full of bad ingredients, and feels great to wear.