Look- I love writing and plan to publish a novel within the next few years. So I’m as surprised as you to be out here publishing content about underwear.

But here we are, in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty and I have a recommendation that I can’t keep to myself. And really, there’s no better way to signify what we’re about here at Good Idea Girls than a Costco 4-pack of PUMA Undies.

I’ve noticed my Instagram feed becoming rife with ads for undies. The last time I actually purchased them for myself was years ago. Back when I was just a young thing, thinking lace thongs were the only way to go and that I wouldn’t be caught dead in underwear that covered my butt cheeks. In fairness, they’ve stood the test of time. But coincidentally, these new ads seemed to start popping up right around the time that holes began tearing in young Hannah’s dreams. I mean undies.

To pile on top of the misery of hole-y undies, my pre-baby thongs in all their low-cut glory consistently fold down throughout the day. And it occurred to me that all of our pants are (thankfully) high-waisted, so why are my undies still living from the glory days of low-waist cuts and tighter abs?

(I swear to the heavens that if low-cut jeans push out the mom jeans high-waist style, I will rebel. You will not see me in them!)

Based on how often I’m seeing high-waisted undies and swimsuit bottoms on influencers, I’m guessing these are no longer considered granny-panties. That’s all the permission I need to dive in.

Where do you even shop, though? Do women other than teens and the elderly even purchase underwear? This has never come up in conversation with another woman, except when I was in the hospital having just delivered my babies and the kind nurses had me lean on them as they slid mesh undies onto my war-torn figure. I’m looking for that level of comfort, but enough style so that I get a little extra boost of confidence to carry me through the day. A “postpartum-meets-trendy woman with her s*** together” style.

Buying online is typically the way to go these days, but you can never tell until you try an item. I didn’t want to pay $9 plus shipping for a single pair of underwear and then figure out I didn’t like them, only to deal with a returns process that may or may not be convenient and easy. I’m cheap to the core, and I grew up with a mamaw that somehow had a discount to the Hanes supplier store. I don’t buy undies in singles - it’s multi-pack princess prints all the way. These days, maybe no princesses. But if it ain’t a multi-pack, it ain’t for me.

I just don’t want to pay $50 for every item of clothing I buy or have to decide which item to splurge on. I just want nice stuff and I want to look put together, while spending pennies. Because this is America.

So on my recent trip to Costco, I did what we all made fun of our own mothers for around 15 years ago. I shopped undies.

(This isn’t sponsored and PUMA doesn’t know I’m out here pushing for their brand. Neither does Costco. So maybe I’m the idiot, but listen. Don’t we all want comfort and good design?)

Puma has a collab with Costco now and while their sports bras aren’t my favorite, due to my boobs consistently falling out of them (this probably wouldn’t be a problem for those with way perkier boobs than I) I grabbed a 4-pack of bikini underwear for either $9 or $12. I can never remember, but it wasn’t much. The material is a soft cotton, the waistband is wide, and they can somehow be worn higher or low cut. Obviously, I proudly choose high.

I feel trendy and ultra comfortable, and I’m also not noticing a super visible panty line in my general wear of yoga pants, thin cotton joggers, or jeans. I detest panty lines on myself, so this was clutch for me. Also, one of the included colors is pink, which is very on brand for us over here at Good Idea Girls.

So if you, like me, are looking to refresh your undies, maybe I’ll see you in that aisle at Costco when I’m buying another 4-pack. Which I will be, very soon.

This is not an ad or an affiliate post. Opinions are our own. Flat-lay pic by me, after I started to tear into my second pack and remembered I should document the box. I’m a consummate professional.