Hi friends, Cris here from the Batchmaker. Hope you're all healthy, at home, with some ripe bananas- ready for some bread makin'! The heart behind this video was to share my banana nutella bread recipe with everyone that donated to our staff fund right now that we've had to close the batchhouse as this all passes. Its probably one of the first times I actively share a recipe with this many people, its scary for me but it also gives me a strong sense of comfort knowing that so many of you will be home making this, bringing a part of the batchhouse to your house. Please, if you make it, tag me so I can see your beautiful loaves! Lots of love to you, please stay home so we can all go back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting our girls and loving them as much as we do- thank you for always putting #peoplefirstcakesecond



PS- a special thank you to my husband, Pablo- who did all filming and editing for this video. he's got great patience with me and worked really hard to get it out as soon as possible. I love you amor.