We believe that more than ever women need a community to be heard, encouraged, listened to and believed in. Not by experts, but by peers, in the trenches together creating a fan club where all are welcome.

So we started a podcast! And we'd love for you to join us. Every Wednesday morning we're in your ears discussing what women are up to lately, topics that affect us, and we usually bring it together with something that sounded like a good idea at the time.

You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. If you've never listened to a pod before, head over to this helpful link for more info. Want to listen at your computer? Here's the link!

Our podcast is hosted through Blubrry, and we couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you want to start your own podcast, head over to Blubrry and enter the code "agoodidea" for one free month of hosting! (*this is an affiliate link!)