We're in the thick of it, friends. There's a pandemic afoot and the news can be anxiety-inducing. What we can do as a society, if we're able, is to practice social distancing. IF possible, we can #flattenthecurve by staying the heck away from each other. Not everyone is able, not everyone's job will let them work from home. But many of us can, and moreso, we must. But in a culture and society that relies so heavily on interacting, how do we do that?

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First of all, drink lots of water! Set goals and reminders on your phone to hydrate throughout the day. Even if you typically drink a lot, if we won't be out and about (or on our exact same workout grind as usual) we may forget to drink as much. Drink drink drink! Your body will thank you.

Get fresh air. We can still take walks while social distancing (just make sure to avoid crowds and don't get closer than 6 feet if you see people out and about.) Being in the fresh air lifts my spirits. It's like taking an energy vitamin (which honestly is probably all the Vitamin D that my body has been missing all winter.) It's a great way to silence your mind and let the spiritual side of your brain take over.

Let yourself enjoy the comedy. This is a very serious illness, and it's not to be taken lightly. However, we still need to be able to laugh. Jokes are funny and they help us process and move on. Don't let the comedy erode your empathy, but also don't feel guilty about enjoying it.

Get dressed up every day. You don't have to go all the way to the nines, but let yourself look forward to your outfit. I picked out cozy leggings and a nice sweater from my latest Stitchfix box for today's outfit, and even though no one will see me except my family and whomever I see from across the street on our walks, I feel better about myself. Maybe you can just paint your nails, do a little makeup, curl your hair. Do something that makes you physically feel good.

Take care of your skin. Spoil it even! Now is a good time to make sure you're following your skincare routine. Drink lots of water, cleanse in the morning and at night, use toner at least once a day, use a serum that makes your skin feel like silk, and moisturize. And by the way, none of this has to cost a ton. My favorite cleanser is a Cetaphil face wash, and we both love The Ordinary products. I'm currently using one of the Vitamin C serums in the morning and the Marine Hyaluronics at night.

Connect with your people. This is the time to whip out those phones and text anyone you can think of. Make a few minutes a day to call your parents and grandparents and siblings. Set up a group Facetime or Messenger video call with friends. Check in with others, whether you're close friends or not! I've received messages from friends "just checking in" over the weekend and it really boosts my mood, and encourages me to pay it forward! You never know what the chain reaction could look like if you text or call just a few people.

Eat well. Obviously we'll want to indulge in some comfort foods, but make sure to pile on the fruits and veggies. Even if it isn't easy getting fresh produce or you don't want to risk going to the grocery store, get the frozen and canned stuff. Get vitamins in your body. Our favorite instagram fitness personality, Jordan Syatt, always says "eat a big ass salad everyday!" That's been my goal lately and I've felt better, my skin has cleared up, and I've had more energy throughout the day. Snack on apples, carrots, snow peas, and fun little clementines instead of a chocolate bar. You'll start to realize that after a few days, you're craving fresh fruits and vegetables rather than processed sweets.

Watch a funny show. Serious stuff is great and there's a time and a place. Plus Westworld season 3 just premiered and so far it's my favorite season yet. But make sure to keep plenty of The Office, Parks and Rec, and Schitt's Creek in the mix. Or take a look at these shows that we talked about last week, because some of us can't get enough plants.

Read a big stack of books. This is the perfect time to keep a book by your couch, by your bed, by your desk, and read in short or long spurts throughout the day. We talk a lot about books around here, so keep checking back for updates!

Smile at strangers. Unless they're men telling you to smile, or that you should smile more (in which case ignore them and keep moving) don't be stingy with smiles! It's a good way of indicating to neighbors and strangers that we're all in this together. And you never know when you'll see an opening to help someone. Which brings me to my next point:

Help people out. Be aware of how you could be of service to people during this time. Maybe you can do a grocery or pharmacy pickup for an older neighbor. Maybe you could purchase gift cards or services from small businesses that can be fulfilled after the virus passes. Maybe you can order a little gift to be sent to a friend just to say you're thinking about them.

And lastly, make sure you're being vigilant about your news sources. I'm not a fan of any cable news networks. They make money off of keeping us tuned in, and if we think everything is under control then we won't need to stay glued to the TV. I'm not saying everything is fine, I'm just saying that we need to limit our news intake. I prefer to read from a variety of sources online, but even now it seems that we're getting alerts all day long about news that can send you in a mental tailspin even if you had a pleasant grasp on things for a bit. Set aside time in the morning and evening to check your phone, and adjust your notifications so that they won't be going off all day. You don't need to constantly scroll, but you DO need to connect with real people. Liking Instagram pics doesn't count!

We can do this, friends. As Glennon Doyle says, "we can do hard things." Stay home, and therefore keep everyone safe. And call your family.

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